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    SmartGlyph is the self-contained platform and ecosystem
    that joins all the dots – connecting everything to anything.
    SmartGlyph is a software only solution that delivers the Internet of EVERYTHING.
    SmartGlyph the secure, Smarter Platform delivering solutions for all
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What is SmartGlyph?

SmartGlyph is a patented, advanced and unique action code technology. Unlike traditional action codes such as barcodes or QR codes, SmartGlyphs are omni media, bi-directional, multi-state and fully interactive. They are generated, controlled and moderated by SmartGlyph servers, which makes SmartGlyph the secure solution for many applications and uses.

Smarter barcodes logins adherance

Smarter Barcodes

Smarter Barcodes turns a “dumb” barcode into an intelligent two way device to create a secure and unique relationship between your brand and your customers.

Smarter Login (SLI)

Smarter Login negates the need for passwords to access systems, web sites and applications. This is achieved via the creation of a Digital Identity using a SmartGlyph Action Code.

Smarter Adherence

Smarter Adherence by enabling the proactive push of information to patients, SmartGlpyh technology and apps are literally saving lives through “adherence”, ensuring people take the correct medications in the correct manner.

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