Smarter Login (SLI)

Smarter Login negates the need for passwords to access systems, web sites and applications. This is achieved via the creation of a Digital Identity using a SmartGlyph Action Code.

Alongside the Digital Identity Smartglyph has developed a single login product that uses your Digital ID (instead of a password) to allow entry to Smartglyph enabled applications via the Smartglyph API on the target web site or server. SLI is far more secure than ANY password system because we don’t curate passwords, in fact we don’t use passwords so there is no server to hack to get to them because we don’t use them. We use your personal Digital Identity on your Mobile Device. The platform then controls the security, the audit trail of every transaction, the distribution and control of the action codes, the interaction with other technologies such as NFC, RFID, Beacon Technology etc.….and the movement of data between the application and the end receiver of that data the Mobile device.

To showcase the above technology Smartglyph has developed a number of applications that demonstrate the functionality of the platform.

  • Asset management and Tracking. (People, Machinery, Business Assets)
  • Peer to Peer money transfer